We provide a wide range of chemical technologies, equipment, and biological resources to handle about anything related to energy production and industrial or commercial use of water. Our single source product line includes:

Cooling Water Chemicals  Cooling water system treatments for both closed loop and open evaporative systems, providing the ultimate in protection from corrosion, deposits and biofouling, including Legionella. Protect your equipment, the environment and the people who work around your cooling water.

Boiler Chemicals   Protect your boilers and steam systems, to reduce energy costs and maximize equipment life and availability.

Oil and Gas Production   WE CAN HELP MANAGE YOUR PRODUCED WATER! Also, chemicals for enhancement of oil & gas production, drilling and transmission.  Increase production and reduce maintenance costs & downtime.

Cannonball Water Group   provides unique chemicals and consulting services to the steam & diesel locomotive railroad market.

Environmental   Chemicals, equipment, and services to handle all liquid and solid waste disposal situations as well as waste management.  Produce clean water and keep costs under control.

Chemical Feed & Control Equipment    Pumps, feeders, make down units, controllers, meters and all of the automation needed to make our chemical programs work effectively and safely.

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