Gas and Oil Production Info

Mobile Field Lab

POSTED Jan 2014: The One AquaSource Field Lab 1 has completed  an on-site hydraulic frac consulting support job, a 20 stage Utica well in OH. FL1 and our on-site Engineers were able to monitor and maintain optimal frac fluid performance for our E & P client.  In April FL1 also completed monitoring formation water for the drilling of a Utica shale well during the vertical run.  Our new and expanded capability Field Lab 2 is now deploved on its second multi – well Marcellus site, providing support for our frac fluid chemical applications.  For more information on our FL1 and its capabilities, click  FL1 slick 1.2013

New treatment to stop Barium/Calcium scales AND FeS

POSTED MAY 2013: Our newest product designed for the toughest of all deposit problems in produced water, water floods and disposal wells has performed beyond expectations. The case study discusses the before and after applying our HP-9293.   CLICK HERE FOR CASE STUDY

Predictive Modeling

POSTED APRIL 2013: Our proprietary field service tool, BlueSur software, allows our Field Engineers to prediction what scales will be formed, and at what depth in producing wells, disposal wells and water floods. We have also added French Creek’s DownHole Sat for more in depth predictive analyses. Contact us for details.


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Industrial Water Info

Legionella pneumophilia

The organism that causes Legionnaire’s Disease can be in any water source. Download our Fact Sheet to help understand this risk. Click Here

Dual Biocides – Good Advice or NOT

For years there has been the school of thought that using 2 alternating biocides in cooling water will prevent bacterial resistance. The opposite is true – they actually increase resistance. Click here for more info

Ideal Elution Curve 

Trouble with your softener? Click here for the ideal elution curve and contact One AquaSource to help you get it working correctly.

Cannonball Water Info

Water Chemistry Guide for steam locomotive boilers – click here

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