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Cannonball Products

Cannonball Water Group, a unit of One AquaSource, Inc., formulates and manufactures boiler water treatments designed specifically to protect Steam Locomotive boilers. Our product line will keep the boiler free of hard scale formation and prevent corrosion in these important pieces of transportation history.

Our primary product line is as follows:

ScaleGon & ScaleGon+Plus

ScaleGon is our primary boiler scale and sludge conditioner. ScaleGon contains a blend of powerful polymers that will prevent hard scale formation and disperse sludge, even with hard water makeup to the tender. One of these powerful polymers can be tested for directly with a quick, simple test that will provide positive feedback for proper dosing in all conditions.

ScaleGon+Plus is a version with an even higher active polymer formula used when extremely high hardness waters are used for makeup. Both versions also contain a corrosion inhibitor to protect the tender. ScaleGon & ScaleGon+Plus will prevent hard scale formation that can lead to boiler failure, and both are completely non-corrosive to all boiler components.


Boilers need hydroxide alkalinity to protect the boiler from corrosion and to optimize the deposit control. ALK+ is fed as a supplement to the boiler water to maintain adequate boiler hydroxide alkalinity. In most steam locomotive boilers, ALK+ should be added to maintain boiler water pH over 10.0 and an OH alkalinity of 100 – 350 ppm.


Oxygen in the feedwater will cause oxygen pitting in pipes, line and valves. OxyGon-L is a liquid oxygen scavenger that will remove oxygen from the feedwater and protect system metals from oxygen pitting corrosion.

BoilerSave-SW & BoilerSave-HW

Our BoilerSave products combine all of the above components in a convenient all-in-one package. BoilerSave–SW is intended for soft water makeup (less than 20 ppm) and BoilerSave­HW for hard water sources.

Boiler Lizard

When boilers are dry and in layup, condensation can cause significant boiler corrosion damage. Boiler Lizards are placed in the dry boiler, and then the boiler is buttoned up. The Lizard will stop all corrosion and when it is time for startup, the Lizard is left in the boiler – it dissolves completely.

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